Our last post looked at making the business case for web optimization. Included were several statistics and case studies that can help us in convincing others of the business value of optimizing our web pages. Since publishing that post, I came across a fantastic resource that provides even more stats and data that help make the case.

WPO Stats

This new resource is a website set up by Tammy Everts and Tim Kadlec and is called WPO Stats. The site includes, “case studies and experiments demonstrating the impact of web performance optimization (WPO) on user experience and business metrics.” In addition to simply listing the data, each entry has also been catalogued and tagged, so that you can filter the results by whatever metric you want to focus on (i.e. conversions, page views, revenue, etc.).

So, if you find yourself in a place where you need to help others see the real world value of web optimization, this website can be helpful. It enables you to quickly find the stats that are relevant to your situation, and can help you in your quest to convince skeptics that optimization actually does make sense.